Finest Russian Keyboards of 2023

What’s a Russian Keyboard?

A Russian Keyboard is a particular type of keyboard that has letters from the Cyrillic alphabet. It’s utilized in Russia and another nations with Cyrillic alphabets (like Ukraine, Belarus and so forth.).

How does a Russian Keyboard work?

The Russian keyboard is a regular US QWERTY keyboard with the addition of Cyrillic characters. To kind in Russian, you merely press the corresponding key in your laptop’s Russian Keyboard, and it willautomatically be transformed to its Cyrillic equal.

Benefits and Functions

What are the 5 advantages of a Russian Keyboard?

  • You possibly can kind in Russian, and no one is aware of what you might be doing!
  • It’s simpler to hit the appropriate keys when typing quick.
  • The keyboard is extra ergonomic.
  • Your fingers don’t get drained.
  • In case your laptop breaks down, will probably be less expensive to interchange.

Who ought to use a Russian Keyboard?

Anybody who needs to kind in Russian.

What varieties of Russian Keyboard are there?

What is a russian keyboard in a review and comparison?There are two varieties of Russian Keyboard layouts.


The primary one is the so-called “QWERTY” structure, which was utilized in previous typewriters and computer systems (and nonetheless is). It’s a really unhealthy thought to make use of this kind of keyboard for typing Russian as a result of it has many letters that aren’t on the identical keys as they need to be. For instance, Я (“ya”) key doesn’t produce я however as a substitute produces Q! This makes studying kind troublesome and irritating.

Latin Keyboard

The second type of Russian Keyboard has been designed particularly for typing Russian utilizing the Latin alphabet—these are generally known as phonetic or transliteration keyboards. They have been invented by linguists who needed to make it possible for each letter produced sounds precisely prefer it must be pronounced when spoken aloud (this manner you possibly can simply learn texts written with such a keyboard with out realizing any guidelines about pronunciation). These keyboards additionally enable simple switching between Cyrillic and Latin alphabets simply by urgent AltGr+key equivalent to the specified character from one other alphabet set. Phonetic/transliteration qwerty-like layouts often look one thing like this: QWERTY → ALTGR + A = АБВ

What do I have to look out for when evaluating a Russian Keyboard?

A very powerful factor is the structure. If you’re used to a US keyboard, then will probably be onerous so that you can get used to a Russian one.

Additionally, look out for what number of keys there are on every row and if they’ve any extra symbols (like @ or €).

Benefits and Disadvantages based mostly on Buyer Critiques


Advantages from a russian keyboard in a review and comparison

  • Sort Russian with out switching the keyboard structure
  • will robotically swap to English (or no matter language was beforehand chosen)


  • Should be taught a brand new keyboard structure
  • might be troublesome for some folks
  • it takes effort and time to get accustomed to this kind of keyboard

What options to the Russian Keyboard exist?

How does a/an [Keyword] work in a review and comparison?There are a number of options to the Russian Keyboard. The most well-liked one is the so-called “qwerty-layout” which might be discovered on many laptops and keyboards bought in Russia, Ukraine, or Belarus.

It’s a regular QWERTY structure, with some letters changed by their Cyrillic counterparts (e.g., Я → YA). One other different is the phonetic structure, the place every letter has its personal place on the keyboard whatever the language used (e.g., QWERTY for English audio system).

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What makes a superb russian keyboard?

The keyboard ought to have a superb structure, and the keys should be simple to press. 

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